Not Working Friday? Make a call ANYWAY!


So a few of us in the SFG Braintrust were conversating the other day about Bill and Kelly's Short Attention Span Webinar on what to do this holiday week.  If you haven't already seen it, you can find it here.  They might be surprised to know that John Mascari took issue with what they advocated about using this holiday week to engage in other activities.  His position is – "Just sell anyway"

If there is anyone (clients, prospects, etc) in the office on Friday, imagine how impressed they would be if they get one call on this most quiet day, and it was from YOU?  And even if they are NOT in the office, imagine if you made one call, to a prospect, and left a message that said something like this, "I'm sure hoping that you are doing something fun today rather than working, but I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you to show you how much I am invested in connecting with you.  I hope that when you are back in the office, we can chat briefly – HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!"

We are big believers in the concept of "Why Not?"  Why not try to connect with someone on a day that no one is working?  Heck, you can even make the call from your deck with a beer in your hand.

Just mix it up.  Try it.  Let us know what happens!



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  1. Great! Now I actually have to do it! Who is going to be the lucky recipient? Hmmmmmm?

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