Binding Services

Flexibility is the cornerstone of SFG’s platform of services. Whether 50 digitally printed books or 1,000,000 printed on a web, SFG offers more finishing services under one roof than any other provider in the country.

Perfect Binding, Mechanical Binding, Padding, Fulfillment, Card Affixing

Perfect Binding
We use Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) for binding books. Page pulls are twice as strong as EVA which means even your digitally printed books on coated stock stay together. We have multiple binders to accommodate short run digital as well as runs into the millions.

We can produce millions of pads a week at SFG. From drilled, cold glued, or cheesecloth pads to hot melt glued, fold-out body pads, we do it all! We have automated solutions to give you hundreds of thousands of pads a day. We can also apply Mechanical Binding, including Double Wire, Spiral Plastic and Spiral Wire. Please read more about these services below.  

Mechanical Binding
Mechanical Binding gives your book a distinct look and colors can be customized for any type of project for novelty, identity or functionality. We will make binding recommendations based upon how the book will be used or just estimate based on your exact needs. Mechanical Bindings include:

  • Double Wire: Great for professional books with light to medium use. Annual Reports and flip charts are perfect for this binding.
  • Spiral Plastic: Perfect for childrens’ books, manuals and cookbooks and comes in thousands of colors. . Got an orange and white cover? Use orange plastic coil to make your books pop. And spiral plastic has full memory so it is nearly indestructible.
  • Spiral Wire: This cost-effective method is great for long run books and calendars just to name a few.


Did you know?

SFG can double-wire bind more than 150,000 books per day.