The post-press printing world is full of interesting facts and figures!
We thought we’d share a few with you.

Did You Know?

  • SFG can affix 1 million cards per day.
  • SFG produces more than 15 million perfect bound books annually.
  • PUR glue is the most reliable glue for perfect binding digitally printed books.
  • SFG can produce more than 200,000 pads per shift.
  • SFG can double-wire bind more than 150,000 books per day.
  • The USPS delivers 212 billion pieces of mail each year.
  • There is no address in the United States that cannot receive mail from the USPS.
  • SFG processed more than 30 million pieces of mail per month last year.
  • SFG employs more than 300 people each day.
  • SFG moved its two divisions in 2013 without missing one day of production.
  • SFG can produce more than 100,000 spiral bound calendars per day.
  • ZIP in Zip Code stands for Zone Improvement Plan.
  • Always allow one-quarter of an inch for trimming for images that bleed off the page.
  • To prevent cracking, a paper’s grain direction should be parallel to the fold or score.
  • Using the wrong wafer seals can result in your books opening up when going through the USPS high speed equipment.
  • Always leave a ½ inch margin on the binding side of any wire bound book to prevent holes being punched in text.
  • On large fulfillment projects, SFG offers an online interface where you can track each customer’s order.
  • Providing a production sample is key to producing a finished book that meets your expectations.
  • Adding signature marks to the spine of signatures helps ensure that sequence is easily identifiable.
  • When mixing signature sizes in a perfect bound book, never place a 2-page signature in the very back or very front of the book.