Really Cool Case Study!

Really Cool Case Study!


Case Study #1


SFG Loves a Good Challenge!


It’s always great when a customer asks us to do something unique, because we know we’re going to discover new and exciting ways to get a project done and stretch our creative arms to wrap them around the project.  And that was exactly what happened when Hennegan ( from Florence, Kentucky called on their long time sales rep Tom Bromann to help them produce a customized folder for their client, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing.



This was a mailer for Health Alliance Plan of Michigan. According to Tom Bromann, “The unique challenges with this piece were that it was a double read/write utilizing ink that we specially ordered with their PMS Orange color.  It was basically a letter addressed to the end user, who were all health insurance prospects, that went inside a file folder that had their personal name on the tab.  The folder then had to match with the address on the outside envelope.  We produced this by ink jetting the supplied generic letter with the person’s name in the greeting along with a 2D barcode.  We then automatically laid down the letter onto the folder, read the 2D, closed the folder, and ink jetted in orange the matching name on the tab along with another 2D barcode.  We then took the piece to our inserters where we read the orange 2D, inserted the piece into an envelope, sealed the envelope, and ink jetted the address block, preparing the whole piece for mailing.”


Check out a couple of videos here…..


SFG was thrilled to take on the challenge of this project. Said Jim Gallo, managing partner, “Even though there were elements in this project that were unique and challenging, I knew my team would put their heads together and figure out a great way to get the job done.”

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