Five things you may not know about your library….

Five things you may not know about your library….

Man Reading Book and Sitting on Bookshelf in Library

As we close out January, we got to thinking about some great places to find new customers.  And do you  know one of our favorites?

Your public library.

I know, I know – – you may think we are crazy, but here are some things about your library that you may not know.

1. You have on- line from home access to Info USA and dozens of other databases.  If you have a library card, ask how you can get a PIN and access TONS of info, even language classes, online and from home!

2. There are many people at your library who have a MASTERS degree in getting information and are paid to help you find whatever you need.  Try it.  Walk into your library, visit the reference area or adult services with a question or topic you want to find out more about.  Want to learn how to find 10-50 million dollar retail companies headquartered in the USA?  They can help.  Want to learn more about SIC codes and how to use that to help you develop a new prospect list?  DITTO. 

3.Many libraries now offer online access to ebooks, emagazines, and even a NETFLIX-like product for watching movies and TV shows without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.  Check out yours and see what you can get for free that you used to have to use good old AMAZON for.

4. Your library probably also offers classes on everything from Advanced Excel to Doing your own taxes.  Their website and newsletter should tell you more.  My library is hosting a best selling author in March – can't wait!

5. It's a great QUIET place to get work done and feel accomplished.  Free WIFI.  Often free coffee.  And comfortable, quiet study areas.  If you are having a day that could use some of that, just make a visit.  You'll be glad you did.  Many have private study areas, fireplaces, and even areas that focus on local history or genealogy.

Long story short, take those tax dollars out for a spin and get more out of your library than you ever thought possible.  And if you care to, share your library stories here – we'd love to hear 'em!


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